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I am not allowed to show the fixtures list unless a ridiculous fee is paid, so instead I will display my intended diary for the football season period of 2004 - 2005

These Dates are obviously subject to change as events dictate
Sat Aug 14
Go up to Manchester and visit the City
Sat Aug 21
Stay at home with some chaps from Bolton
Wed Aug 25
Stay at home again with Boro fans
Mon Aug 30
Go & listen to that bloody bell on the south coast
Sat Sep 11
Stay @ home and watch the Champions
Sat Sep 18
Go an see some wild life in a hawthorne bush
Wed Sep 22
Go for a tea party in the east and have a cup
Sat Sep 25
Stay at home to see Le Tis and his mates
Mon Oct 4
Go out and get some crystal for my palace
Sat Oct 16
Stay in and protect my red hub caps
Sat Oct 23
Off out up the M6 to an old roman Villa
Wed Oct 27
Not sure where to go just yet
Sat Oct 30
Home for a French chicken N0. 23
Sat Nov 6
Off to Geordie land and visit a Sour Puss
Wed Nov 10
Not sure where to go just yet
Sat Nov 13
Deffinitely be at home with the dodgy neighbours
Sat Nov 20
Up to the North west to get a few toffees
Sat Nov 27
Staying in to see the Best 1st div team!!! Bollox
Wed Dec 1
Not sure where to go just yet
Sat Dec 4
Visit to East Anglia for a canary
Mon Dec 13
Home as red nose and his friend no. 8 are round
Mon Dec 20
Popping across town to see Jensens old mates
Sun Dec 26
North London beckons, what an arse
Tue Dec 28
Staying in with some Brummie blokes in blue
Sat Jan 1
The crystal I bought earlier will be returned home
Mon Jan 3
Trip down to a recently made dell
Sat Jan 8
Some cup or other
Wed Jan 8
Another cup
Sat Jan 11
Getting some baggies delivered to home
Sat Jan 22
Taking the Blue Brummies back to the midlands
Wed Jan 26
Yet another cup
Sat Jan 29
Same as above
Wed Feb 2
Preparing for a visit from the Romans
Sat Feb 5
Upto see an old Irish freind called steve
Sat Feb 12
Invite the old Sour Puss down for the day
Sat Feb 15
These cups are overflowing now
Sat Feb 26
Go and take the pee out of No.23
Sun Feb 27
another cup of ..........
Sat Mar 5
The visit of Clauses old friends
Sat Mar 8
Sat Mar 19
A trip to the red side of Manc land
Sat April 2
Noisy bloke with the bell is visiting
Sat Apr 9
Journey to Lancashire for a Wander
Sat Apr 16
Our old manager returns from the blue NW
Tue Apr 19
I'm going to take the Boro fans back up north
Sat Apr 23
Popping round the neighbours
Sat Apr 30
A delivery of toffees are expected
Sat May 7
Off to Lancashire to see that great 1st div bunch
Sat May 14
Another canary delivery to the cottage
Sun May 11
The last Cup with nothing in it found in Wales

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